What to Expect


We will have a preliminary meeting to make sure we are on the same page and talk about lots of ideas – as far as I am concerned : Nothing, absolutely nothing is too crazy or difficult….

I love working with concepts – if you are planning to vanish on white horses into the distance or have a romantic tete a tete and get picked up by a Helicopter- anything goes!

I enjoy creating elaborate set ups as much as I love very small, intimate shoots.

Whatever it may be, we will most likely spend all day together in a beautiful location and chances are, you will have a big smile on your face by the end of the day!


Again, we will have at least one meeting before the big day to hash out how it’s going all down.
I will be there right by your side, using subtle direction when it is called for and letting events unfold uninterrupted during your ceremony/reception.

No matter how creative we get regarding your bride and groom shoot – don’t worry – I have your back regarding formals!

I work with very talented second shooters whose artistic vision and skills compliment mine.

Shooting Style

I like to describe my style as a fusion between fine art and fashion .

There is a whole gamut of possibilities! While I usually shoot digital -I also enjoy shooting film on several medium format cameras or old stock Polaroids, making things extra precious!