The Best Album Ever!

I need to backtrack a little- I had researched albums far and low, call me Miss Fancy Pants but I am pretty picky when it comes to albums and prints. I simply want my couples to have a true heirloom piece. Forever. That’s right. Nothing less.
I had looked through catalogues galore, had had sample books made- but I wasn’t really into anything. From my experience, compromises usually suck anyway! Everything I saw was either mediocre, squarish or cheap looking. I am not going to name any names, but hey, it was pretty appalling! Luckily I had gotten a major head start with this before I launched my web site, so I continued to search for the perfect album! Quest is a much better word, actually.

And then one day, Halleluja, I found Wildmagnolia Design, a refreshing young album company owned by amazing Rebekka Shostak! I met her and her master bookbinder Mariann over a coffee to chat- I was so curious about their work and was dying to get my hands on their books, quite literally. They had brought along some of the albums they had just finished and I knew I had hit the jackpot right when I saw them. Bingo! The albums were incredible.

All albums are masterfully hand bound – There are several options for end papers available and the print quality is super rad. On top of everything, the books are completely eco friendly and archivally safe. You just can’t get any greener than this with your album! I am not kidding. Wildmagnolia is profoundly dedicated to the environment. I love the hemp cover with a printed image- The album itself is beyond beautiful, super unique and just WOW WOW WOW, for lack of another superlative! I couldn’t be happier about it!

And now, without further ado, a few pages from Eileen and Harry’s engagement book:

The front album cover- Of course it had to be the chandelier that made this engagement shoot so special...

Rebecca came up with this super cool end paper- a subtle gold crumble!

FYI, “endpaper” is a term used for the paper you see first when opening the book

Well, you get the idea, right?! BTW, the primroses are from my garden!
This is how I handed it over to Eileen and Harry.

We will be starting to work on their wedding album shortly- Can’t wait!

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