Smells Like Spring Spirit!

I am so happy to share this bridal inspiration shoot with you today, you have no idea! The inspiration for this was born about 3 years ago, I am not kidding!  Indulge me for a bit-  so I found this to-die-for medieval revival dress at an estate sale in Pasadena and then I had a baby… Pause… Fast forward 2 years… You get the idea!  The dress always reminded me of Guinevere from the Arthurian legend!  You might have never guessed but I am a die hard romantic –  I love the notion of eternal love!!!
I also love Art Deco.  Art Deco was flirting with  lots of various eras. You had eqyptian revival,  mayan revival and medieval revival…!   But I digress!  If you will, the dress was the little spark that ignited a whole process-  it quickly evolved into a very distinct blend of styles.  Art Deco meets Camelot meets 70’s meets Hollywood! Rock’n Roll!

Spring, the season of longing, has always been my favorite.  I grew up in Germany where we have long cold winters, as a kid I would go out into the forest in spring and gather the first flowers for a wreath.
Putting this shoot together was a dream. Everything fell into place or happened for a reason. Coincidence? I don’t know, but I will tell you this: Lady Luck was with us all along the way..!

We were very fortunate to use some breath taking Claire Pettibon and Anne Barge dresses, real diamond jewelry and super cool props from House of Honey( Please find a complete list of all the lovely people involved in this shoot at the bottom of this post) the weather was stellar and we did NOT get kicked out by the ranger, hurray!


The dress that inspired everything!
Many heartfelt thanks to an awesome team,  you guys totally rock!!!
Photography: Sabina 
Styling: Nicole Deutsch; 310 367 4993
Make up: Cassie 
Models: Jessica , Alyena
Bridal gowns: Claire Pettibon, Anne Barge
Bridal Veil 1st image: Nicole Deutsch
Jewelry: Diamond Ring: Royal Asscher, Diamond Pendant : London Manori + Charles Albert bracelet
Floral design:
Prop rentals: House of Honey,
Calvin, the horse: Courtesy of  Carey Keeny
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