Ode To The Short Wedding Dress II

Wow, so this turned into a real mission!- Romanticizing the short dress is one thing but coming up with some hardboiled facts or rather photos to prove its relevance is something else! It has become a full blown investigation on 2012 couture wedding dresses, resulting in a very small selection of personal favorites!

Let me just say, Marchesa blew me AWAY! Their dresses are everything you would ever want in a wedding dress: They graciously provide a narrative, a real manifestation of the bride’s personality! Incredible.
They are chic, smart and SEXY. Ridiculous! Ever wonder if your wedding dress will make a good reception dress? Make no mistake- This is it!!!!

Feeling faint? It’s that good , right???!!

With the one on the left you are channeling your inner flapper girl while the one on the right is charming as can be! Super super sweet, both of them

I can see a little nod to Coco Chanel in that left dress by Claire Pettibon, knee length with a long train,  combined with breezy spaghetti straps- beautiful! And  that feathered beauty on the right?  So  damn cute!

Here’s a little couture craziness from Lanvin!

Definitely not your run of the mill dress, eh? To say the least….!
If I noticed one Leitmotiv among those fall 2012 collections, it is the use of feathers! Everyone’s doing feathers! Reminds me of: “The incredible lightness of being”, a book by Milos Kundera that I read ages ago.

Hold on, I got more!
Love the sophisticated elegance of this gorgeous Monique Lluillier number! This is taking “Modern Classic” to a whole new level, Right?

I was checking out Vera Wang Fall 2012, but wasn’t feeling any of her short dresses.

Did you watch Black Swan like 50 times or do you secretly wish you could wear you still wear your little tutu..??? I got your back, uh dress!

Designed by Barbara Leber, a hungarian designer in 2011, this is your basic Ballerina wedding dress with all the bells and whistles, just um, shorter.

Not nearly as short as this, though!

The real deal was designed by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld in 2009 for real Ballerina Elena Glurdjidze, who also performed “The dying swan” in the same video filmed by Lagerfeld, watch it here:  http://chanel-news.chanel.com/en/?s=dying+swan

Feathers, anyone? Supposedly there’s about 2500 on this tutu dress!!!

Meanwhile I hope you enjoyed my little wedding dress excursion, I sure did!

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