Ode To The Short Wedding Dress I. or Coco’s Legacy

Got legs? What better way to show them off than at your wedding?! Right?! Imagine how your shoes will love the limelight! Like anyone will ever see them if you wear a long gown? Other than in those cute photos afterwards? Ha!

I have a confession to make: Being a wedding photographer with a fashion photography background, I’m actually really into bridal fashion! I love all the vintage inspired dresses, but can’t help wondering why the short wedding dress hasn’t gotten more attention in recent years?

This is what got me looking into the history of the short wedding dress a bit. It seems as if the short dress has always been a bit of the maverick of wedding dresses, worn by individualistic, nonconformist women. The gamut ranges from casual, playful to couture chic, and even soon to be seen ultra glamorous!
Undeniably so, the short dress is inherently sexy- Could that be the reason why most brides prefer to go with a long dress? Hmmm? Any thoughts on this?

Coco Chanel brought us the very first short wedding dress in 1920! It was knee length and had a long train. Revolutionary at the time, brides were less restricted in their movements, could show off them legs( so skandalous!) and still make a royal entrance/ exit thanks to the long train!

Once Coco had introduced the short dress, there was no turning back! A long succession of shorter dresses followed that became commonly known as”flapper dresses”, worn by various hipster girls of that era.

After that nothing much remarkable happened until the fabulous 60’s, when it was considered super hip to go short- Well loved by the Jet Set, chic movie stars like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn rocked the short dress- When Mia Farrow married Frank Sinatra in 1966, she wore short as well!

Now that I got you hopefully interested in the short wedding dress, you might be wondering: Who the hell is making decent short wedding dresses these days?
Let’s see, shall we? In my next post, I promise, I will give you some truly mind-blowing, simply to die for short wedding dresses!

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