Jamille’s And Dominic’s Beach Engagement

What’s more romantic than returning to the site of your first date for your engagement shoot? Seemed like a great idea to me, especially since I love the beach! Jamille and Dominic are such free spirits and share this amazing energy , it’s so awesome! They’re simply perfect together and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in October! It was an overcast day at the beach in Santa Monica, which makes for beautiful light- mellow and magical.  We had a great time hanging around for the tide to roll in and watching the sunset together- It was beautiful! DSC_6335-Editbeach DSC_5792-Edit DSC_5808-Edit DSC_6137 DSC_5959-Edit-Edit DSC_6203 DSC_6218DSC_6196DSC_6257-Edit-Edit DSC_6344DSC_5692-Edit

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