Eileen and Harry’s Chandelier Picnic

I was so looking forward to posting this! YES!!!  Eileen and Harry are such a sweet couple and super easy going, we hit it off instantly. Eileen and I both have a professional passion for fashion, she is an amazing fashion designer- so I wanted do something  special for their engagement photos….. I had an epiphany a couple of days later- a champagne picnic underneath a big crystal chandelier hung from a tree!!!

Eileen and Harry both loved the idea, especially that it sounded a bit fairy tale like and we talked about possible locations- this was probably the hardest part- finding a good spot! All the major park venues were expensive and not very accommodating. We also wanted to shoot in a less public space, which is why I went location scouting for a few days. Eventually I came across this hidden gem of a place  in Topanga, which was both, magical and serene. It was beyond perfect!

I collaborated with Caitlin Dinkins of http://www.caitlindinkins.com on this shoot- working with another perfectionist is a dream- she styled the entire shoot, organized the chandelier, brought amazing little knick knacks along and had this beautiful little swing built for Eileen that was hung from another tree. Knowing that Eileen and Harry were self described foodies, we served them Perrier Jouet Champagne and some choice italian pastries among some other yummy picnic treats. Caitlin’s sister Amy designed the flower bouquets.

When our shooting day rolled around, our spot looked  better than ever-  glittering morning dew and nearby grazing deer- talking about the right mood!  And when Eileen and Harry arrived on the scene, everything was ready and looked beautiful and a tad surreal.

The icing on the cake turned out to be the most beautiful sunset that I had seen all year……




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