Couture Wedding

Eileen and Harry got hitched on May 7th 2011! That day came around quicker than you could say “Wong”, the very name both shared even before they got married! Since their engagement shoot last November we had been in touch weekly and I knew they were getting a wee anxious shortly before their big day- Go figure, after all you don’t just hang out with 300 people on a daily basis! Boy, was I blown away by their composure throughout that day, they were like rock stars: Smiling for the camera and being super pro about posing for family members etc.. Had they started signing autographs, I would not have given it a second thought!

Eileen’s dress got so many AAAAAhhhs and Ooooooohs, it was ridiculous! Made out of 150 yards of silk tulle, it was so delicously delicate! For the ceremony, Eileen wore it with a long train and a sheer endless veil. A real dream of a dress, designed by Monsieur Robert Rodriguez, who also designed the flowergirl’s and the bridesmaids’ dresses

The rhinestone Louboutins were the perfect match for the dress- Real jaw droppers, the kind of shoes you just want to put on a pedestal, so damn gorgeous!

After getting ready at a friends house, Eileen and her girls dashed over to the Ambassador Mansions in Pasadena to meet Harry and his groomsmen for some fab photos…

The stately stairs of the Ambassador Mansion..

I love this shot, it felt like time had stopped for a tiny moment….

From there it was the First Congregational Church, where awesome Pastor Ken officiated the ceremony.

How Eileen managed to look so incredibly graceful even when her veil caught on something is beyond me- I would have inevitably stumbled and torn the veil…
Then again, Harry totally had her back, literally!

Robert Rodriguez- amazing couturist, Eileen’s boss and designer of the very dress was there in the flesh along with Eileen’s entire design team.

Chandeliers galore, which one do you like best?

Last stop: Cicada, a beautiful Art Deco venue in downtown L.A.

At some point Eileen disappeared and reemerged wearing a traditional chinese wedding dress, adorned with a golden phoenix and dragon. She totally looked like Maggie Cheung from ” In the mood for love”, the beautiful atmospheric film shot by Wong Kar Wei.

She and Harry were holding hands while a traditional chinese lion dance was performed to scare away evil spirits and procure luck and good fortune!

For their honeymoon, Eileen and Harry went on a transatlantic adventure to Rome and Paris, had a fantastic time and apparently spent a lot of time at Paris’ Rue Saint-Honoré, Oh là là!

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